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Wheat bags - the natural pain relief treatment

Wheat bags - the natural treatment

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Wheat bags replicate the warmth of the sun on our backs after a cold dawn. The stiffness goes and the whole day starts to look and feel better.........

It is a well established fact that the application of heat - or in some cases cold compresses - helps the body to recover more quickly from injury. These bags change your skin surface temperature and encourage increased blood flow to the affected area as your body temperature system seeks to restore it's natural balance.

The extra flow of blood removes toxins and damaged cells replacing them with fresh ones to speed up recovery. Simple, natural healing the wheat bag way! When used on the neck and back the heat also relaxes and softens the discs which cushion the vertebrae. It seems that the heat allows the disks to ease back into their natural cushioning shape, thus reducing the pain associated with misalignment of the vertebrae.


Whatever the science involved, we can guarantee that they do relieve pain................


Easy to use - you just pop your bag into the microwave for one to two minutes on full power - then apply to the painful area. Around the neck or in the small of the back while you are sitting, and again when you go to bed. Blessed relief................

For those of you with traditional farmhouse kitchens, our wheat bags can be heated in a conventional oven. Just sprinkle a few drops of water on the bag, wrap loosely in kitchen foil or a covered casserole dish and heat in a warm - 100/150 or gas mark 1 or 2 - oven


So, what are wheat bags?


Quite simply, they are fabric bags, part filled with raw wheat grains. Why only part filled? It's so that they can mould themselves gently to the shape of your neck or back. Once heated, the grains cool very slowly to provide comforting and theraputic heat to the affected area of your body.

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In addition to the raw wheat grain, we add a generous quantity of lavender flower buds. We believe the lavender perfume helps in some way to relax the body, reducing stress levels and thus helping the healing process. This does seem to echo the thinking behind aromatherapy and the bags can be supplied without lavender on special request, for use with your own aromatherapy oils.

We prepare all our own bags, sewing the best wheat grain and lavender flower buds into an inner calico bag. This is then supplied in an outer cotton 'slip case' which can be washed when necessary.


Our wheat bags are:

  • A traditional and proven natural treatment - ask your doctor
  • Inexpensive and reusable over many years
  • The lavender perfume will last for around 50 heating cycles - aromatherapy oils can then be used to refresh the bag if required
  • We double bag the grains so the outer bag can be washed when necessary
  • Much safer than other heat treatments


Other uses for wheat bags

Use them cold as a classic cold compress treatment for sports sprains and other minor injuries. Just wrap the bag in plastic or re-use the plastic bag it comes in, and pop it in the freezer for an hour, then apply it to the injury for 20 minutes or so.

Again, used cold they are great for pain relief from carpal tunnel syndrome or from computer related RSI - repetitve stain injuries.

Used hot, the bags make a great bed warmer with no risk of burning or leaks from conventional hot water bottles.

Great on a cold morning as a lower back - lumbar - pad when driving.

Traditionally, wheat bags were also used in 'straw box' cooking and also used for keeping food warm or cold.




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