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Backpain and Stress

Back pain and Stress

by Susan J Del Gatto


Susan J. Del Gatto

The relationship between backpain and stress is frequently caused by the inability to function physically coupled with the encounter of the pain itself. There is a huge impact that stress plays in our every day life. Added variables such as pain can magnify the effects of stress on both the body and mind.

Back pain focuses around our spinal column that extends from the neck through to the lower back. We put this body part to the test of its durability every day. We push, pull, bend, crawl, or lift on a regular basis. Most individuals will suffer a bout with backpain and stress at some point in their lifetime.

My Story

One day while lifting a case of copy paper I was stopped in mid-stream. My fingers opened to release the box as it fell from my grasp. Pain was shooting down my back across my shoulders and down both arms.

I had hurt myself in similar ways many times in the past but this seemed different. I thought the pain would eventually disappear as it always had.

Months later when I reached the determination that the pain wasn't going to go anywhere, I made a visit to the best specialist I knew. The verdict was three herniated discs in the neck and degenerative disc disease. With no other options available surgery was eminent.

I have spent a third of my life dedicated to helping people reduce the every day stressors they face in their life. Backpain and stress became another challenge.

The limitations and modifications that are placed on our body when dealing with back pain lead to emotional stress due to the lack of physical mobility that negatively impacts our current lifestyle. This can affect many actions from gardening (hobbies) to social gatherings (activity) to merely sitting at a desk (work). A mother may be prevented from lifting and comforting her own child.

When our body is subjected to backpain and stress this can initiate even further discomfort triggered by our bodies natural reaction to tense the muscles as it responds to the trauma. This may lead to tension headaches, fatigue or possible insomnia when sleep is disrupted due to pain.

The intensity of pain can lead to depressing mood changes, which lead to stress. When our physical restrictions limit our movements our frustration and feelings of irritability can increase and this in turn may cause an exaggeration or magnification of negative emotions and experiences that are encountered throughout the normal course of the day.

We are in pain and agitated. This mixture of variables can lead to emotional outbursts. Hence, the results of stress surface.

Years later with a titanium plate in my neck that fused three of my discs together I still suffer from degenerative disc disease and an additional herniated disc.

For years I experienced different therapies for pain reduction. Not all therapies work for everyone, you will need to find the therapy that best suites your needs to relieve pain. I have used Cox Spinal Decompression Therapy for the last 2 years and have found this treatment to be very successful.

There are many stress management techniques beneficial to controlling pain and limiting the stress you face in everyday life. Some of my favorite techniques are listed below. Remember first and foremost seek the help of a professional medical doctor or a chiropractic physician to determine the extent to your injuries.

How to control both backpain and stress

Exercise - Physical exercise is associated with the release of endorphins which are neurotransmitters that reduce pain and decrease stress levels. Do not eliminate exercise but do this in moderation keeping your back injury in mind. Follow the advice of your doctor. A simple stress free walk can help strengthen the back muscles as well as quiet the mind and relax the body.

Meditation - 30 minutes a day or short 10 minute intervals at work to meditate or relax in a quiet, dim setting can rejuvenate your body and clear your mind.

Music - Listening to soothing music and using Stress Breathing Techniques are an anytime anywhere escape from the daily stressors that you face.

Prioritize and Delegate - Cut down your to-do list. Only do what is absolutely necessary and delegate any tasks possible to both reduce your activity and/or repetitive actions and focus on the most important matters.

Stress Management - Place additional focus on stress management techniques to maintain a healthy balance and control over all areas of your life.

Spa Massage - This is used for a multiple of reasons - pain relief and reducing stress are two common reasons for many individuals to seek treatment.

When you understand the correlation between backpain and stress you will be able to recognize and be aware of the huge impact that stress plays in our everyday life and what triggers, such as pain, can magnify its presence.

About the Author.

Susan J. Del Gatto is the author of

Cobwebs of the Mind

ISBN-13: 9780595439317

Her web-site is here An interesting site created to be simple yet packed full of uplifting and inspirational information, whether you are just begining on your spiritual path through life or if you have been traveling down the road for a while .

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