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Backpain during pregnancy


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backpain during pregnancy

Backpain during pregnancy is one of those unfortunate side effects which the majority of women will suffer during the course of their pregnancy.

Backache during pregnancy is mainly due to changes in the shape of your body as the baby grows within and adds weight, month after month to the mother. This extra weight alters the center of gravity of your body.

As your center of gravity shifts forward with the growth of the uterus, so your posture and movement change and this put additional strain on your back, resulting in backache.

Major hormonal changes also take place in the early stages of your pregnancy, which is an additional cause of the back pain.

In certain cases, urinary infections which are also common during the pregnancy can be the cause of back pain.

Acute back pain during the early stages of pregnancy may be an early warning sign and should be brought to the immediate attention of your GP or attending Midwife.

Casual medication should be avoided during pregnancy. You are responsible for twolives, so the advice of your doctor should always be sought first. Gentle exercise is the safest remedy for any pregnant woman and simple walking is the best exercise. Do not undertake aggressive walking.

It is particularly important to avoid slouching to help you avoid backpain during pregnancy. Maintain the correct and most comfortable posture by using a lumber cushion or pillow. Simple muscular exercises are a deterrent to back pain. A hot water bottle or heat pad in the small of the back is often helpful

No pregnant woman should be expected to stand for long periods, while traveling or for any other reason. Do not change your sitting position too often. In the early stages of pregnancy proper rest and adequate sleep is necessary.

Avoid high-heeled shoes to minimise backpain during pregnancy. They are particularly dangerous in pregnancy as they put additional strain on the back. Use a low flat stool for sitting. Avoid long spells of kitchen work .

Even if you are tired, avoid slumping forward. Slumping pushes the rib cage forward and down to the stomach. You can well imagine the resultant problems. While standing, be comfortable and keep your knees relaxed.

Many of your experienced friends and relatives can give you useful tips for helping to deal with your backache problem. Sometimes these are more practical than the medical advice you get from your family doctor!

There is no need to feel dowdy during pregnancy. There are lots of fun clothes styles available now so why not splash out on some! Always go for loose, comfortable clothing and no reason why you shouldn't use bright colours and imaginative accessories.

What's that got to do with backpain? Well something new always helps to cheer you up so spoil yourself. After all; you are going to be a Mum soon.............

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