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What does he know about back pain?

Sir Stirling Moss with Bob

I am your backpain webmaster and while this site is about relieving your back pain problems, I thought it unreasonable to expect you take the site seriously without knowing just a little about me. No ego trip, just sufficient to show that I really do understand and empathise with anyone suffering back pain, either acute or chronic.

Picture. Bob with Sir Stirling Moss at Silverstone circuit

I know just how much it can drag you down..........

So, call me Bob. Now 73, married to the same tolerant lady for the last 50 years. We have brought up three children - two daughters, Linda and Caron and a son, Russell - and now have four grandchildren.

Life has been pretty active. We travelled a lot during my time in the Royal Air Force and later in careers as a photojournalist and then as an international yacht delivery skipper. Now, I am semi retired, running an Internet business from our home.

I guess I have always been active in sports, running, cycle racing, then on to solo motorcycle cross country trials. At one stage we had a competition motorcycle sidecar outfit - a 600cc Scott Special for those interested in that sort of thing - and my little white haired Old Lady, who wasn't old or white haired at the time, used to hang out on a leather strap to to keep the outfit upright and cornering fast........... Later, it was ocean yacht racing and saloon car racing.

Anyway, sufficient to say that we have used and abused our backs through the years, and paid the price at times with a few aches, pains and even a few broken bones! Beryl - my wife - now suffers from age related Osteoarthritis and Spondylitis.

I have some family history of back problems because my late Mother suffered all her life, eventually having several disks in her spine surgically fused together. I had a bout of Sciatica in my late twenties which was the most extreme pain I have ever experienced and later I had quite severe whiplash from a motoring incident. Nevertheless, it hasn't stopped me leading a prefectly normal life. I walk the dog a few times a day and I am still able to track my lightweight Porsche 911 with enthusiasm.

So, your backpain webmaster has some idea of what you are now suffering. While I am not medically qualified in any way, what I can tell you that with sensible management, most people can get long term relief from their back pain and continue to lead a perfectly normal life.

Please explore the web-site and do come back to me with any feedback - even criticism if it's called for - or requests for anything else you would like to see added to the site.

Remember - You don't have to go on suffering


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