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Low Back Pain Reasons

Low back pain reasons can be a number of things and they range from something like poor posture when standing and sitting to the wearing of the bones in your spine. Whatever the reason for the sudden lower back pain you must see your doctor about any sharp pain in your lower back. You do not want to do anything that can make it worse, and you also need to make sure the back pain is not related to your kidneys. Any kidney pain needs immediate medical attention.

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Sharp pain in lower back through sitting

Sitting all day in a chair is one of the more popular low back pain reasons. If you're at a desk always leaning forward on your keyboard or just at a desk you put continual pressure on the lower part of your spine. The muscles in your low back are laos always under pressure pulling on your upper body to keep it from falling on the desk.

If you do sit in a chair all day and have bad posture then sitting up straight will have a positive effect on your lower back pain. You won't be putting your back under so much pressure.

Sudden lower back pain after sleeping

The condition of your bed is one of the low back pain reasons that a lot of people don't know about. Some people like sleeping on a soft bed, but a soft bed allows the spine to curve when you're asleep, and this can cause a pain in the lower back when you wake up in the morning. If you suffer form a lot of back pain then you should look at the mattress you have on your bed. You ned one that is going to support your back for the 8 hours you're asleep. 8 hours is a long time for your spine to be put out of shape, and it will effect you as you get older.

The angle you head lays at can effect your back as well. You need a pillow thick enough to keep your head inline with your spin. Although this i more for upper back and neck pain you still need to be sleeping in total comfort to stop any pain down the length of your spine.

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Lifting with a bent back

If you've ben lifting heavy objects lately then you may have been bending your back too much when you lift them up. Another of the popular low back pain reasons is lifting heavy objects with a bent back instead of bent knees. It's important you bend your knees when lifting heavy objects so you put the stress of the lift on your thighs and not on your lower back.

This is the most common way to slip a disk or put your spine out. And you could be bed ridden for a few weeks if you do too much damage.


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