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Our Backpain kit - Instant relief for backache pains


Your Back Hurts

You want Relief.... Now!

Unfortunately, it happens to most of us, but that's not what you want to hear! What you want is relief - now - and you never want to experience it again.

Our Pain kit gets you started on the road to recovery fast. Really fast, like in a few minutes time.

Never again? No can do, but we will show you how you can cut the risk down so you suffer less often and less painfully that otherwise you would.


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Learn how to protect yourself

The Health Care Association will tell you that back-pain is common, causes huge amounts of pain and suffering and is the largest single cause of days lost from work. For many people, it can be a chronic problem. At least half of all sufferers have recurring problems.

Those most likely to be affected may be in manual work or chained to an office desk for long periods of time - it affects us all.


Although back pain can occur at any age, the peak time is between the ages of 45 and 59. Men and women tend to be affected equally.

The good news is that if you follow the Pain Kit guide you will be better able to manage or reduce your chances of having another attack. Lifestyle changes, such as choosing foods wisely and taking modest exercise, may be all you need to do for long term health.


Our Pain Relief Kit contains material useful during and after your Backpain.

Tips,Suggestions and other information to help you

Relief is simple for most back pain, but where it is linked with weight loss or difficulty controlling bowel or bladder function it may be caused by a serious disorder, so it's important to get immediate medical advice.

In our tool kit you will find all the answers to the many questions you have:-


            • What Is Back Pain?
            • How Common Is It?
            • Who is at Risk?
            • Sign and Symptoms
            • What Are the Causes?
            • Back Pain Management
            • The Difference Between Acute and Chronic Pain
            • Back Pain Relief
            • Reasons for Low Back Pain
            • Sciatica - Description and Diagnosis
            • How exercise can make a big difference to back pain
            • How to treat Back Pain
            • Back Pain Education and much more

What you get......


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We have put the Back Pain Kit together so you can start effective pain relief now. You will quickly know and understand everything about Back Pain and its care.

How much will Pain Relief cost you?




Does it matter? You don't want to go on living with that

back pain do you......



Don't worry! We are pensioners, not politicians!


We aren't going to charge you a penny more than we have to



You will receive now



From the Pain Relief Kit




An instant download of a brilliant compliation backpain guide. Only 40 pages but quite honestly it will answer all your immediate questions and is all you need to get started.





An instant download of Back Pain Solutions by Bruce I. Kodish Ph.D., P.T. This is 'The Real Deal' - Over 300 pages, illustrated and with all references.


Both books are In Adobe PDF format so they can be instantly downloaded and you can either print them or you can adjust the page and print size for comfortable reading on your own computer screen.





How much for Pain Relief?

Back Pain Solutions by Bruce I. Kodish Ph.D., P.T. was selling for $49.95

The brilliant compilation book is a snip at $9.95

Whatever the Pain Kit costs, it would be worth it, but we have packaged this joint value $59.90 package for just

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