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Backpain and driving: Driving is probably the single most dangerous activity the majority of us engage in. Every year, more cars on the road, more congestion, more aggrievation and more stress. Long periods of sitting stuck in traffic, the constant worry that 'some fool' is going to do something stupid and put you at risk. And all the time, there is compression on your spine, stress and constant strain on your neck - ideal conditions for developing back problems and pain.

Now there is no doubt that cars generally are getting safer and accidents are more survivable, but your human body hasn't changed so it's up to you to minimise the risk to yourself and to your passengers.

If you suffer from backpain and driving is difficult, take the time to adjust your seat properly before setting off. Your thighs should be roughly parallel to the floor and your feet should be able to reach the pedals without stretching. Your seat back should be adjusted so that it is upright and supportive. If you have an adjustable lumbar control then alter it to provide firm pressure to the small of your back. If your car isn't fitted with one then use a small cushion to provide extra support.

Backpain and driving? Get a good headrest

A very imprtant part of motoring if you have backpain and driving - and most often neglected - is the headrest or head support. It is there to help protect you from whiplash injuries You should adjust the height to roughly the middle of your head. Too low and it increases your risk, too high and it serves little purpose.

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In most countries it is now the law that seat belts must be worn. Common sense and crazy not to wear one yet you still see people 'just popping down to the shops' and not bothering to do their belt up. Most accidents happen in built up areas and believe me, if you go through the windscreen, it will be more than backache which will be troubling you!

If you have backpain and driving is uncomfortable you can get a car with osteopath designed seats, but whatever you drive, take a regular break. Driving with backpain is ver uncomnfortable, and can make it worse so stop perhaps once an hour for a few minutes. get out and stretch you back, walk around for a bit, and get some fresh air. Your back will feel better for it and your driving will be safer.

Have a smoother ride with backpain and driving

If the traffic ahead stops, brake smoothly but try to leave some extra space. Put your hazzard indicators on so the following traffic gets plenty of warning. Watch your rear view mirror and if you think the person coming up fast behind hasn't seen you, or may not be able to stop, then you can ease forward into the 'reserve' space you left. It could make all the difference between a fright and a serious accident - and it is your neck you are protecting..............

Stuck in a traffic jam? Relax - there is nothing you can do to change things and getting all stressed up because you are going to be late or whatever is just guaranteed to give you back and neck ache. Instead, think of that hot bath you can lay back in at the end of the day. See - already the stress is going as your mind pictures something better.

And if you have to spend many hours on the road, why not take a tip from the London 'Cabbies' many of whom still use those wooden beaded back seat cushions. They may look very 'retro' but drivers who use them swear that they provide gentle massage and ventilation for their backs. Worth trying....................


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Drive safely and protect your back!

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